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         (y/n)your name
         (f/c) favorite color
         (s/f/c) second favorite color
         (e/c) eye color
         (f/m) favorite movie

                                 Reader P.O.V.

  Levi and I were at our apartment studying for a math test coming up at school. “So you multiply 42x times 2 which equals 84x, then you move it to the other side which makes it a negative…” Levi was helping me with my math because I suck at it, but I wasn’t listening. I was looking out the window at the falling leaves.  

 “Levi, can we take a break and go outside, please?”

 “(y/n), we really need to finish this homework so you are ready for this test.”

 “I know Levi, but I really need some fresh air.”

 “Alright.” Levi said while standing up and taking his reading glasses off. I ran to our shared bedroom and put on my (f/c) oversized sweater and (s/f/c) boots. Walking out to the living room, I see Levi in a sweater, big jacket, hat, scarf, and boots.

 “You going to be warm enough, Levi?”

 “Tch, you know I hate the cold, (y/n).”

 “I know.”

 “You ready Frost Giant?”

 “Yep Shorty.”

 We exit the apartment locking it behind us; walking down the stairs and out the door.

 “Come on, Levi.”

 I grab his hand and start walking toward the nearby park. The leaves crunched under our feet as we walked to our favorite bench. I noticed a teen on his phone already sitting on the bench.

 “Looks like we’ll have to sit somewhere else today, Levi.”

              Time-skip to leaving the park because author is lazy

                          Levi P.O.V.

 I was holding hands with (y/n) and we were walking back home. She suddenly tripped on the uneven sidewalk. I tried to catch her, but she was taller than me so I fell on top of her. She started giggling and I joined in because her laugh was infectious. We both stop and I look into her beautiful (e/c) eyes, they mesmerized me. I kissed her with fervor and stroked her cheek with my hand. She kissed me back with equal passion and she tangled her hands in my hair. I slowly pull back and extract the leaves from her hair.

 “You really should be more careful, you’re so clumsy, (y/n).”

 “I know but I can’t help it.”

 I started standing up and carefully drawing her up with me.

 “We are going to need to take a shower now, we are filthy.”

 “It’s just some leaves, shorty.”

 ‘She knows I hate that nickname.’

 “Brat, good luck trying to finish your homework alone.”

 “No Levi, I was just kidding, I love you, I’m sorry”

 I peck her lips.

 “Shut up, you know I was kidding too and I love you.”

 “Come on, we’ll go clean up then I’ll make us some tea and we can cuddle in the bed while watching (f/s).”

 “And finish our homework.”

 “And finish our homework.” She said with a massive sigh.

                                   The End
Autumn Colors Levi x Reader
Hi everyone, 
  Congratulations to those who read this whole thing. I know it sucks, It is super cheesy and cliché but I kind of like it. Anyway, this is my first published fanfiction. Constructive criticism would be appreciated but please no mean comments. :) 
86f9acc5e5b0cfc6833911ebe52eb6e0 by Wonder-Harley
This is going to be my next big cosplay. It is Mera from the animated movie: Justice League Throne of Atlantis. I am also hoping to do Fem Star Lord.


United States

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